FCI 2014 Agility World Championships

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General information

The FCI 2014 Agility World Championships (AWC2014) were held in Luxembourg on September 11-14. The major international agility event gathered competitors from all around the world, from Chile to Japan.

Like in many major competitions earlier, Koirakuvat.fi participated in the World Championships event for providing the Finnish Agility Association with fresh photos of the current events in the competition. A large number of photos were published in the live photo gallery already during the competitions regularly. The work with the full galleries is going right now. Feel free to share links to published photos with your friends. However, copying photos from the gallery without permission is not allowed.

For getting photos for your own use or media purposes, check out the instructions below.

Thank you to all visitors!

Important links

Koirakuvat.fi Agility World Championships 2014  photo gallery

Agilityvision live streaming

FCI 2014 Agility World Championships website

Photographs for individuals

are available for purchase after the competition. For private, non-commercial purposes, the basic price for a single carefully prepared, original-size photo file is typically 15 EUR. Photos can be ordered during the competitions, or afterwards when the complete galleries have been published. Please send a note using the form below to let us know that you are interested in your photos for more information about the pictures:

Hi there!

My name is and I was competing in the FCI 2014 Agility World Championships with Team .

While you are working with many many photos from AWC, it would be great to see some photos of us in action. I was running in class with my dog who is a .

If you happened to get some nice photos, I could think even purchasing some as a memory from the World Championships. If you find some photos of us, please send me e-mail at .

Thank you, and hopefully we'll meet next year! 🙂

For press and commercial purposes

Koirakuvat.fi delivers first-class photos from various agility and canine sports events. If Your magazine is covering the Agility 2014 World Championships, or Your company needs material for advertisments, feel free to ask for interesting photos for preview. Contact us by email for any photo-related questions – send a message directly to:
jukka at koirakuvat dot fi , thank you!

Team Finland in Agility World Championships 2014

Team Finland in Agility World Championships 2014

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One Comment

  1. Hello,
    I would like to purchase any photos you may have of my dog Tyler. Please tell me how to pay for them. This would only be for personal use. Not for commercial. I just want to keep all the memories of this event.

    Thank you


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