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What a day this was. It is easy to forget pretty quickly how though days longer than around the clock can be – 17h more exactly from leaving and returning to the hotel room. Nevertheless, AWC2015 Friday was full of fantastic achievements and bitter disappointments – sounds like true sports, doesn’t it . If the brain wasn’t so cooked already in the late afternoon, perhaps those events could have been captured more carefully.

The time table started to fell apart in the afternoon, as the runs didn’t advance quite as smoothly as was planned most likely. For the upcoming two days, it’s slightly worrying that the surface layer started to peel off from the adhesives. The judge had to call timeouts at some awkward moments in the competition, and in total the crew had to give a quick fix on the carped four times. It is not unlikely that tomorrow we will see some additional repair operations in order to ensure the safety of the handlers and dogs.

Sometimes it’s quite a shock when you can finally sit down and check the photos from the last 12 hours. While there were some shots to be happy with, some of the outcome was frankly appalling. Now it’s time to try and give some treatment at least few of those before rest for tomorrow and new punishment for the thighs.

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